Wi-Fi Access Point- NetPassage WPE53G Introduced by Compex

US based manufacturer of wireless connectivity and communications devices Compex has introduced NetPassage WPE53G, a low cost IEEE802.11b/g access point. NetPassage WPE53G is based on Atheros eXtended range technology and supports data transmission of up to 54Mbps. It also has a multiple SSID feature, which supports up to 4 virtual access points (VAP), with BSSIDs. This helps in tagging or bridging the traffic from each VAP to a unique VLAN.

While introducing the product, Mr. Rajesh Goenka, Rashi Peripherals said: “NetPassage WPE53G is the most optimum solution for the long range wireless requirements. The light weight and small size of the product make its utility/set-up easier. I am sure that channel partners, specially the system integrators working on wireless deployment would recommend NetPassage WPE53G”.

Some features of the product include:

  • It has Proprietary long distance algorithm for ACK and CTS time out adjustment.
  • Provides recommended values for the parameters as well as allows the manual fine tuning for better performance.
  • It has the ability to limit the upload/download bandwidth at WAN/LAN by using IP address or MAC address.
  • Enables to manage the bandwidth of subscribers, when internet access slows down due to massive data transfer.
  • It has management features like antenna alignment, Syslog, Telnet/SSH, which are useful for system integrators.

NetPassage WPE53G will be available at Rashi Peripherals and its 53 branches across India at Rs. 2,700 & 3 years warranty.