Microsoft Launching Windows 7 in December

During the recent launch of Windows 7 Release Candidate, Microsoft has disclosed that it will be coming up with Windows 7 in the month of December. Last year in the month of November, Ina Fried of Beyond Binary also said that Windows 7 will be out in December of 2009.

Bill Veghte, Senior Vice President, Microsoft Windows Business notes said, “Windows 7 is expected to hit the market before the holiday season”.

Earlier, Windows 7 was due to be released on July 2010, but increasing pressure on Microsoft has forced the experts to launch the new version soon. After two years of the release of Microsoft’s Windows Vista, Windows 7 is designed to cover up all the problems and loop holes faced by Vista users.

The first release candidate of Windows 7 introduced in market on May 5 will expire on July 2010. It means the Microsoft will definitely release the second release candidate before finally launching Windows 7 in December. Despite of a shortened deadline, the team is not doing a rushed up job. An official Engineering Windows 7 blog says, “We are being pushed to release the product sooner, but we are still focusing on a high quality release”.

But, you should also note Sinofsky’s blogpost that says, “We are not working on deadline basis and aim at delivering quality product with a smooth finish, which is the most important criteria for Windows 7. Therefore, if there is any severe vulnerability, Microsoft can push the release date by a fortnight or two”.