New DVR Pen Recorder Available in 2GB and 4 GB

DVR Pen Recorder

We have always been fascinated by all those cool gadgets shown in the most famed Espionage Movies, especially the Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne movies, and the Ian Fleming’s James Bond series. Now not in Reel but Real life, here comes this fabulous Gadget that will put even Madam Q to shame; the first mini DVR Camcorder Pen Recorder in the world which is both a camera and recorder in the shape of a Pen and it is so handy and efficient that people expect that it has been bulit by CIA, NSA, MI6 or some other Covert Spy Agencies.

The DVR Pen Recorder comes in both 2GB and 4GB formats. The product is not retailed in any stores and is available online only from The 2GB DVR pen recorder is priced at $199.95 (approximately Rs 8,563.86) and 4GB one will cost $ 249.95, which will amount upto Rs 10,730.

In appearance, the DVR Pen Recorder seems to be considerably larger than most normal pens but it is discreet enough and perfect for interviews and business meetings.

The hidden camera has a resolution of 352×288, an it can record color videos and sound. It can capture about 30 hours of video, but on the Flipside, the battery life has a short duration and lasts for about 2 hours only. However the DVR Pen Recorder features a standard USB 2 connection which allows transfer of videos to PCs, and also charge the internal battery, it doesn’t need any other drivers or outside power source.

To sum it all, the DVR Pen Recorder is compatible with Windows98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/ MAS OS / LINUX,and it has all these prominent features:

  • Writing ink changeable with standard refills.
  • One Touch Color Digital Recording.
  • Looks and Functions of an ordinary pen.
  • Recording capacity up to 30 hours of Video And Audio.
  • Direct USB Connection To PCs.
  • And about 2 hours battery life.