TextFlow beta Version Now Made Public

Adobe AIR application, the TextFlow’s beta version has been made public recently. TextFlow is basically an editing tool, which enables the user to edit the multiple imported MS Word documents that are opened by different people.


TextFlow is created by Nordic River. It can compare changes, re-edit as well as check that who has made what changes. All the changes like deleted words and others can be seen in various forms like columns or highlighted paragraph text etc. One can also shift the paragraphs just by dragging and dropping them. You can export back the changes into word format by using the TextFlow.

CNET reports that the application has high encryption for security of all the sensitive document reports.

The application has some limitations like one can manage only seven different documents and the managing ability are also restricted to documents of 10 pages in length. TextFlow does not provide any support for images, charts and tables in a document. Along with this, the beta version is incapable of working online and does not save the files on server. But experts are expecting that the final product might have the capability of working online.

You can avail the test version of TextFlow with all the features, free of cost.