Samsung India Launches a New Digital Photo Frame, Digital Projector and a Series of LCD Monitors

Samsung LCD MonitorsIn its first major foray in the Indian market, Samsung Electronics has rolled out a new series of digital products and IT peripherals. The list of the newly launched products includes digital photo frames, digital projectors and a range of LCD monitors.Currently, there is a huge demand for LCD monitors in the Digital technology market. Reportedly it accounts upto 70% of the market and with an eye to capture this target, Samsung has introduced three energy efficient LCD Monitors- the T Monitor, Myst Plus and Lime series.

The series of T monitors features a wide display format and they are available in 19”, 20” and 22” models. The panel feature supports more than 16.7 million colors and a response time of two mili seconds. The Monitors are available within the price range of Rs 12,500 to Rs 15,500.

In a recent media release, Sanjay Sharma, VP-IT business, Samsung India stated, “Most of the new models are in the category of wide screen LCD format, given the dramatic shift in the Indian market towards the wide screen display monitors.” He further added that, “These monitors are 40 per cent more energy efficient in comparison to others. T Monitor has been launched in 19, 20 and 22-inch wide display format and priced in the range of Rs 12,500-15,500.”

The Myst Plus and the Lime series possess similar features, however both of the products has an upgraded five mili second response time. The Myst Plus series has a minimalistic design and it is available in a 17 inch and a 22-inch model. The two models are priced at Rs 9,575 and Rs 14,000 respectively. The Lime monitor series comes with an inbuilt three-megapixel webcam and a special integrated motion detection capability, along with a V2oIP feature optimized for instant messaging and video conferences. The Lime monitors are priced in the range of Rs 14,000 to Rs 17,000.

Samsung Digital Photo Frame

Besides the LCD Monitors, Samsung has also launched a digital frame and a digital projector. The Samsung digital photo frame has an internal memory of 128 MB with an easy functionality feature. The company also announced its plans to launch enhanced Wi-Fi enabled photo frames capable of sharing images and photographs. The eight-inch digital photo frame SPF-83H is priced at Rs 9,900.

The Samsung Projector A800, is empowered with DLP 1080p Film Technology feature. The particular product is launched in the high-end and professional segment and it is priced at Rs 3,50,000. However the company has plans to bring out other models in a lower price range by the end of the year.

Samsung Digital Projector