Kindle Fire – The New Tablet Sensation From Amazon!

New Tablet Sensation From Amazon

Amazon has come up with Kindle Fire, an Android-based tablet that is expected to eat into iPad’s market to some extent.

Key features-

  • Weight: 14.6 ounces
  • 7 inches screen
  • A dual-core processor
  • A brand new browser dubbed as Amazon Silk, combining cloud computing and the locally installed browser thus enhancing mobile web browsing speed
  • A cloud-based storage independent of syncing, with music, pictures, movies, etc. being stored on the Amazon cloud

Why is it being speculated that Kindle Fire may affect iPad market? Well, it is because of certain features that this Amazon tablet enjoys. For example, its cloud-based storage independent of syncing will enable you to start watching a movie on your home television exactly from that particular scene where you left it off the other day. This is a facility that you cannot enjoy in Apple devices, which are dependent on syncing.

Consumers may also get attracted by Amazon Silk, with its ability to speed up mobile web browsing.

New Tablet Sensation From Amazon

And of course there is the issue of price. The price of Kindle Fire is $199, which appears to be so competitive in comparison to iPad’s entry-level price of $499.

However, on the flip side, this tablet lacks certain features that play strong role in making iPad so popular. These features include camera (useful for taking pictures) and the option for 3G (useful for web conferencing).

Moreover, the 7 inches screen of Kindle Fire also appears to be less attractive in comparison to iPad’s 9.7 inches high resolution screen.

Anyways, whether Kindle Fire will become a challenge for iPad or not that can be understood only after it hits the shelves. But one thing can certainly be taken for granted that it will rock the tablet market, exposing tablet enthusiasts to another exciting product that they will love to have in their kitty.

The tablet is scheduled to begin shipping in mid-November. It is not yet known when it will appear in the Indian market, and what will be its price here.