64GB Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G – A Review!


The launch of 64GB Apple iPad 2 (enabled with WiFi and 3G) has naturally caught the attention of iPad enthusiasts. This review seeks to take a short tour of the product, trying to identify its key features vis-a-vis those of its predecessor iPad.

64GB Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G


  • A new look exterior, that is 33 per cent slimmer and 15 per cent lighter than that of iPad. This not only makes the model look smarter, but also makes it easier to carry and handle.
  • Two cameras (in place of one), boasting 5x digital zoom able to capture 720p HD videos at 30fps. This naturally boosts video storage capacity to a great extent, something that is very thrilling for users for who are fond about video recording.
  • A 1GHz dual core A5 chip powered by iOS 4.3.This has resulted in a significant speed improvement, thus enhancing the pleasure and comfort in using this iPad model.
  • A 9.7 inches LED backlit LCD multi-touch display, like what was there in iPad. However, it flaunts a VGA camera at its top, which boosts image recording and storing.
  • Like the iPad, this iPad 2 model also flaunts a brilliant display backed by IPS technology.
  • There is a Smart Cover to protect the touchscreen. A key advantage of the cover is that the moment it is put on the display, the latter gets into sleep mode. Similarly, no sooner than the cover is pulled out, the display gets activated. Needless to say that this adds to the energy efficiency of the gadget.
  • A 30 pin dock connector.
  • A 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack, offering a better audio facility. This may make it more enjoyable listening to one’s favourite tune, making every bit of the tune so clearly audible.
  • A Volume rocker, which helps you to increase or decrease the sound, as per the song or your mood or otherwise.
  • An on/off button that can also lock the screen.
  • A button to mute or unmute the gadget, which may come in handy when you need some silence for just few minutes, like attending a phone call or talking to somebody or something else.

Features/absence of features that might dampen the spirit, at least to some extent

  • The model lacks the USB port, the presence of which could have enhanced data transfer facility.
  • It carries the same visual display capacity as was found in iPad – 1,024x768p resolutions. This might be a bit disappointing for users, who were expecting a better visual display capacity in iPad2.
  • There are complaints that the boot up time at the time of starting is 18 seconds, which is not that appreciable. It might leave a user a bit irritated, especially when he is in a hurry.

64GB Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G


Like any other gadget this iPad variant also carries its  shares of advantages and disadvantages. However, at the end of the day it may be concluded that it offers a quality experience, not leaving much room for disappointment. There are certainly some features (or lack of features) which users wish were not there. However, it those draw backs must not overwhelm the features that offer real fun and thrill, apart from high end usability. Therefore it can be unhesitatingly said that it will be a smart bet to go for this gadget.