Nokia to Introduce Pureview Features on future Lumia Handsets!

It was first Nokia PureView 808 handset which came with PureView technology equipped with a 41 Mega Pixel camera and grabbed everyone’s attention with its Pro Imaging Technology and Carl Zeiss optics for smooth  Full HD clarity, now it looks Nokia is keen to introduce the technology to future Lumia Windows Phone devices.
Nokia PureView 808 handset

In an interview with Howard Forums, the President of Nokia U.S, Chris Webber confirmed that Microsoft is working to make sure their Windows Phone platform supports Nokia’s PureView technology. Webber didn’t disclose the date of manufacturing the phones but said that Nokia is “absolutely committed” to doing it and will make sure that Windows Phone “supports the broad set of things” that Nokia wants to do with its PureView tech.

Back in April it was stated by analysts that Windows Phone as a platform is just not ready at the moment to support all the hardware as well as processing requirements for PureView technology. As to the arrival of PureView Lumia handsets, it will take a year’s time, the earliest.

It is still unclear exactly which PureView technologies will make the transition as Nokia  provides their 41-megapixel sensor, Carl Zeiss optics, and software under PureView technologies, which implies that the entire package will eventually be implemented in future Lumia handsets. But the question still remains, if Nokia will simply transplant all these features in the forthcoming Windows Phone or if they have some other plans.

It has been reported that Nokia was working on other Symbian PureView handsets which results in a high possibility of slimmer models, while still retaining the high-end Zeiss optics and Nokia’s oversampling techniques there isn’t any need of optical zoom. It is hard to expect Nokia transplanting all the features of 808 PureView in the forthcoming Windows Phone as the company may launch the phones with different optics.

As of now, one will have to wait till the arrival of PureView Lumia smartphone to know what changes are done and which features are added to the phone.