Logitech Launched G600 MMO Gaming Mouse!

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Logitech has launched its 20 buttons G600 MMO gaming mouse in the market. The mouse comes with a unique feature of customizable illumination with a variety of color schemes. The device is manufactured specially for people interested in Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) gaming. The 20 button mouse consists of a set of twelve thumb buttons on the side of thumb panel. G600 is available in two colors – black and white and has a DPI of 50 to 8200. The speed of DPI can be controlled through user profile that enable users to switch between up to 5 different DPI settings.

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Angry Birds Now Invade Android!

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After developing the amazing application of ‘Angry Birds’, Finland-based Rovio used it to create sensations in a number of tech spaces, including the ones like Facebook, Mac, PSP and PS3. Then the company decided to apply the application on Android.

After a highly successful brush with Apple’s iOS, Rovio decided to take ‘Angry Birds’ to other devices, like smartphones as well as the ones especially entailing Android OS. The popular ‘Angry Birds’ characters are now seen to be three games- Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons.

a1 467x233 Angry Birds Now Invade Android!Angry Birds-

In the original version the unique birds are found to be attacking and devastating the jade-coloured hogs who have stolen their eggs. The birds use their special powers, and successfully destroy the fortress of the enemies. The game entails 285 levels, along with an underground episode called ‘Mine and Dine!’.In ‘Mine and Dine’ the gamers have to tap into the geology and environment, picking up rare gems and eggs in the process.

b2 467x251 Angry Birds Now Invade Android!Angry Birds Seasons-

Launched in December 2010, the game entails 25 levels based on a Christmas theme, spanning across a number of days before the Ho-Ho holiday. The game also witnesses popping up of Halloween 2010 levels as a version that is free but supported by ad. In the game the holiday season stages are named as ‘Trick or Treat’ and ‘Season’s Greetings’. Then February 2011 witnessed the appearance of a new Valentine’s Day update, with ‘Hogs and Kisses’ playing the central role with graphics and levels entailing new themes. Moreover, a person can also use his handset to spread love by sending out Angry Birds-themed Valentine’s messages through his Facebook account. The following month even witnessed players sitting with a four-leaf clover, with Rovio launching releasing a St. Patrick’s update with the tagging ‘Go Green, Get Lucky’.

Easter bunny in April 2011 witnessed the launch of ‘Easter Eggs’ (entailing the killing of green pigs), while June 2011 saw the release of ‘Summer Pignic’ (with the theme of helping gamers to deal with summer swelter). The event of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival was successfully commercialized through the launch of ‘Mooncake Festival’. Then came ‘Ham’O'ween’, comprising 30 ‘bone chilling levels’ and witnessing the introduction of a new orange bird.

c 467x254 Angry Birds Now Invade Android!Angry Birds Rio-

March 2011 witnessed the release of 20th Century Fox animated movie Rio, which centered around fun loving and interesting characters including Blu (a Blue macaw). The story saw original Angry Birds getting chirper-napped to city of Rio de Janeiro. However, they manage to flee the bird smugglers, and launch a mission to save Blu and Jewel. The game has five episodes entailing 150 levels.

Appia-powered Vodafone Mobile Application Store Comes To India!

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Vodafone India has launched a Mobile Application Store, powered by Appia- the white-level content provider.

Image117 467x158 Appia powered Vodafone Mobile Application Store Comes To India! The telecommunications major has claimed the Store to be similar to a ‘one-stop shop’ for all its mobile customers subscribing to both 2G and 3G services. Rich in its service, the Application Store offers more than 10,000 free and paid applications (cutting across Java, Symbian, Android or BlackBerry) to users with all sorts of handsets.

A user can easily access the Store by sending an SMS from their GPRS-enabled device to 111, carrying the message ‘VStore’ or ‘Apps’, and then clicking on the URL received. He also has the option to visit, and click on the Vstore link.

Image211 467x217 Appia powered Vodafone Mobile Application Store Comes To India!

Vodafone is reportedly aimed at making the Store a resourceful storehouse of mobile applications, exposing subscribers to a wide range of games and applications, with the applications being offered covering a plethora of genres including social networking, entertainment, local culture, etc. The organization has joined hands with local content providers, such as Hungama, Nazara and India Games.

Appia supports a variety of devices numbering more than 3,500, while enjoying the backing of more than 30,000 app developer partners.

F1 2010 Game On iOS – A Review!

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Indian mobile gaming house Jump Games has launched F1 2010 Game. Now what’s that? Well, it is the mobile version of Codemasters’ F1 2010 official racing simulation, meant for iPhone and iPod users. It enjoys compatibility with iPad, as well. So how is the game? Let’s have an analytical look, feature by feature.

Image39 300x187 F1 2010 Game On iOS – A Review!

Features of the game

Full roaster of teams, drivers, circuits: The iOS variant of the game enjoys the full roaster of teams, drivers and circuits as it was in the 2010 season. It means you can choose from 24 drivers, 12 teams and 19 circuits. The notable drivers to choose from include current champion Sebastian Vettel as well as former ones Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher and Jenson Button. You can also have 12 choices while selecting your team, and 19 official tracks/circuits to decide on which track you will have your race. This wide range of choice in terms of drivers, teams and racing tracks is itself a great fun, as it gives you the feeling of getting involved with a real life F1 experience.

A good sound effect: A very captivating feature of the game is the decent sound effect that it offers. The way banshee wail is reproduced is really impressive. Read more

PS3 Prices Witness 15 Per Cent Drop In India!

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Sony Playstation India has announced a 15 per cent cut in the PS3 prices for the Indian market, which basically follows the international price cut for the product. The basic idea behind the re-pricing decision is to offer a competitive price vis-a-vis PS3′s key market rival, Xbox 360.

Image17 300x232 PS3 Prices Witness 15 Per Cent Drop In India!

Image26 300x224 PS3 Prices Witness 15 Per Cent Drop In India!

The PS3 320 GB Move bundle will now be available at INR 20,000/-, while its original retail price was INR 23,500/-. Similarly 160 GB PS3 will now cost you INR 17,000/-, and not INR 20,000/- that had been its price so far.. Read more

Angry Anna – The ‘Anna Fever’ Results In A New Angry Birds-styled Online Game!

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Image1 300x221 Angry Anna   The Anna Fever Results In A New Angry Birds styled Online Game!

The impact of ‘Anna Fever’ seems to have spread much beyond the arena of Indian governance, even to the web world. Noida-based Geek Mentors Studio has come up with ‘Angry Anna‘, an online game with a concept similar to that of the popular online game ‘Angry Birds’. Clearly impressed by the recent Anna wave that has swept the nation, ‘Angry Anna‘ banks on the social activist’s new found mass popularity as the lone crusader against corruption in India.

The HTML5 – based game became an instant hit immediately after its launch on 24th August, with the “hit list” growing fast.

So what is the game all about? Well, it centres around Anna Hazare, an Indian protagonist determined to fight tooth-and-nail against corruption. He is being assisted by his anti-corruption brigade. The faces of Anna Hazare and his companions have replaced the ‘birds’ found in ‘Angry Birds’, while the ‘pigs’ have been replaced by the faces of the corrupt politicians that Anna’s brigade is fighting against. Read more

Make Money By Playing on Indian Online Shop

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img 237742 transcend speed racer 300x295 Make Money By Playing on Indian Online Shop

Transcend is all set to storm Indian customers, who are net savvy. The company is now going to do something new for them. After launching the Indian online shopping , the company has launched an online gaming portal. This portal is based on Speed Racing game. If you want to win lots of cash prizes and other exciting gifts, then hurry because the offer is closing on 30 July 2010. If you wish to become a fan of this offer, then you can join it via Facebook.

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Unbeliveable, but its true. The world’s leading software company Microsoft, has slash down the rates of its unique and very sporty, Xbox 360 Arcade gaming console in India. When introduced, the main price of this Xbox 360 Arcade console was Rs.16,990. This year, however the price of this Xbox 360 Arcade has been decreased to Rs.14,676. This service is provided only in case of single item and not for any combo offer. This Xbox 360 Arcade is a version of that gaming console which comes with Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, an Xbox LIVE Arcade Compilation Disc and standard AV cable. This includes 256MB Memory Unit.
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psp 1 220x300 IN JUST Rs.599   PSP Essentials IS FOR EVERYONE

Are you a gaming freak? Do you like latest gaming gadgets with full of new accessories within affordable price? If yes, then here is a chance for you to get a latest PSP Essentials. With this new device, either a master of PSP gaming or even a beginner can experience the best gaming moment. You will enjoy the gaming with both clear crystal video and high definition audio. This gaming device actually cost you just rupees 599/- for your ultimate pleasure.
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PS3 price cut has come to India now

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img 165312 ps3priceut 450x360 PS3 price cut has come to India nowEarlier there was no clue regarding the PS3 price cut in India, but now the news is that Sony India has dropped the price of Play Station3.

According to a press statement, the new price for the Play Station3 80 GB has been set at Rs 19,990, which is a clear 20% drop in price. In order to promote sales, the PS3 80 GB will be offered with two Free Games: Drake’s Fortune and GT5 Prologue. Read more

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