Angry Birds Now Invade Android!

After developing the amazing application of ‘Angry Birds’, Finland-based Rovio used it to create sensations in a number of tech spaces, including the ones like Facebook, Mac, PSP and PS3. Then the company decided to apply the application on Android.

After a highly successful brush with Apple’s iOS, Rovio decided to take ‘Angry Birds’ to other devices, like smartphones as well as the ones especially entailing Android OS. The popular ‘Angry Birds’ characters are now seen to be three games- Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons.

Angry Birds Cinematic TrailerAngry Birds-

In the original version the unique birds are found to be attacking and devastating the jade-coloured hogs who have stolen their eggs. The birds use their special powers, and successfully destroy the fortress of the enemies. The game entails 285 levels, along with an underground episode called ‘Mine and Dine!’.In ‘Mine and Dine’ the gamers have to tap into the geology and environment, picking up rare gems and eggs in the process.

Angry Birds Presents: Summer Pignic Angry Birds Seasons-

Launched in December 2010, the game entails 25 levels based on a Christmas theme, spanning across a number of days before the Ho-Ho holiday. The game also witnesses popping up of Halloween 2010 levels as a version that is free but supported by ad. In the game the holiday season stages are named as ‘Trick or Treat’ and ‘Season’s Greetings’. Then February 2011 witnessed the appearance of a new Valentine’s Day update, with ‘Hogs and Kisses’ playing the central role with graphics and levels entailing new themes. Moreover, a person can also use his handset to spread love by sending out Angry Birds-themed Valentine’s messages through his Facebook account. The following month even witnessed players sitting with a four-leaf clover, with Rovio launching releasing a St. Patrick’s update with the tagging ‘Go Green, Get Lucky’.

Easter bunny in April 2011 witnessed the launch of ‘Easter Eggs’ (entailing the killing of green pigs), while June 2011 saw the release of ‘Summer Pignic’ (with the theme of helping gamers to deal with summer swelter). The event of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival was successfully commercialized through the launch of ‘Mooncake Festival’. Then came ‘Ham’O’ween’, comprising 30 ‘bone chilling levels’ and witnessing the introduction of a new orange bird.

Angry Birds RioAngry Birds Rio-

March 2011 witnessed the release of 20th Century Fox animated movie Rio, which centered around fun loving and interesting characters including Blu (a Blue macaw). The story saw original Angry Birds getting chirper-napped to city of Rio de Janeiro. However, they manage to flee the bird smugglers, and launch a mission to save Blu and Jewel. The game has five episodes entailing 150 levels.